Stone Products


Naturally occurring igneous rock formed by magma. It is normally composed of quartz, feldspar and other dark minerals. Depending on the location the magma flows, the magma metamorphisms are what give granite its unique colors and amazing textures. Granite is extremely hard and is resistant to weathering which allows it to be an excellent choice for building aesthetics. However, its dense grain patterns make it susceptible to staining. But there are sealants readily available to inhibit the stain long enough for one to clean it up. Granite is the most versatile natural stone to be used in your home. Click here to learn more


Pressurized limestone underneath the Earth’s crust allows marble to form. Impurities in the limestone during this process give marble its unique patterns and colors depending on the infringing minerals. However, marble is a lot softer than its counterparts and have to be mined with care. Being highly resistant to heat and erosion, it was used by the ancient Greeks and Iranians for their buildings and statues. Marble is an excellent choice for the classic natural look for your home. Click here to learn more

Manufactured or engineered stone:

Quartz composites offer a lot of advantages over other natural stones and are a great material to use in places of high volume or stress and are no less beautiful than natural stones. Being extremely hard, its virtually resistant to impact, scratches and cracks. It is also resistant to temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This material is non-porous and non-absorbent which allows it to be immune to stains. Its consistent patterns and colors make join lines nearly invisible. Click here to learn more