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Spring Remodeling

Spring has officially arrived in Vancouver and now it’s time for some home remodelling! It’s the perfect season to install those gorgeous Engineered Quartz or Granite countertops that you’ve wanted for so long!  
There are many beautiful granite and quartz colors to choose from especially for spring. There has been a growing popularity in people choosing lighter colors that have white or beige tones in it for their countertops. Lighter colors are always a great choice for any space and tend to make any room look larger than it is. Light colors also give your space a look of elegance.  They also go well with any cabinet and flooring choice since it is a neutral color.  

Here are a few of our popular choices for spring:

Nougat 200 size.jpg     Frosty.Carrina 200 size.jpg
 Caesarstone 6600 Nougat                     Caesarstone 
5141 Frosty Carrina 

BQ.9418.jpg     BQ8270 Calacatta 200 size.jpg   
Vicostone BQ9418-Serra                       Vicostone BQ8270-Calacatta

Bianco.Romano.Granite  200 size.jpg     Alaskan.White.Granite new.jpg   
Bianco Romano Granite                          Alaskan White Granite               

We carry all these colors plus many more in our showroom. ATT Stoneworks has over 20 years experience providing excellent quality and superior services for our customers. From restoring an old vanity to a new kitchen counter top, we listen carefully to your needs and are here to help. Email or call us today to arrange your free estimate. Our prices are competitive and our testimonials on our website will let you see firsthand what our happy customers think of our work.