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Seal Your Granite Countertops

Congratulations on getting your new granite stone countertops!
So heres the hard part (Well actually, it's not that hard!): sealing your granite countertops to prevent any staining or damaging

ATT Stoneworks Granite Counters - Kitchen 13
At ATT Stoneworks we want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your new granite countertops and that they last as long as possible looking like the day you bought them. Which is why we recommend sealing your granite countertops.
Because all natural stone are slighty porous to some degree, sealing your granite countertops creates a barrier to stains. Sealer can be purchased at any hardware store or at ATT Stoneworks. We carry a dry treat impregnating sealer that absorbs into the pores of the natural stone and protects it from the inside out, this sealer will protect your countertops for 15 years. Another type of sealer that can be purchased at any hardware store is a topical sealer, which sits ontop of the stone and forms a protective layer on the outside. This type of sealer lasts for a shorter period fo time, about 1-2 years, and needs to be reapplied to maintain protection. It is recommended that you re seal your granite countertops to ensure a constant barrier to stains. Just a reminder, if you have engineered stone countertops there is no need to apply any sealer because they are non porous.

How To Seal?
Sealing your granite countertops is a very easy process. We advise that you test a small area of the granite countertop with the sealer to get an idea of how the sealant will apply and the desired result. Also, ensure that the surface of your granite countertop is clean, dry, and free of any residue. Keep the countertops at a regular temperature, avoiding any extreme hot or cold conditions. 
1) Using a foam brush, roller brush, or something similar that will spread the sealer around, layer the surface of your countertops with a generous amoutn of sealer.
2) Allow the sealer to absorb into the pores of the natural stone for atleast one hour. Then gently wipe off any excess sealer with a clean, dry cloth.
AVOID MOISTURE WITH THE GRANITE COUNTERTOPS FOR ATLEAST 12 HOURS AFTER SEALING. Some areas of your granite countertop may become darker, but not worry, they will lighten up over time. To clean any sealing equipment, you can use water. Cleaning off your newly sealed granite countertops can be done by using mild soap and water.  

Visit the META CREME website for more info on how to seal and the benefits of sealing your granite countertops